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About Us

DOMODESK Central is located in Valencia city, specifically in Alquería de Benlloch Street number 24 , post code 46014, since late 2007 have open door in two more provincial capitals. The journey of DOMODESK began in late 1998 with the goal of being a home automation companies in the national scene and always championing future wireless systems and home automation systems, simple to use as condition "sin equa non".

Among its staff has Telecommunications Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science, and especially a widespread culture in systems integration.

Domotium , Osiris, OcuoX,and Sensatel are four of the DOMODESK bets, to meet the growth in demand from installers and end users of home automation, trying to adapt to the needs of their users without having to involve to experts in common tasks as a simple change of environments (scenes, macros, lifestyles, etc.). for us the most important is "ease of use" and any of our solutions is based on these principles.

While use Domotium is based in standards "de facto" (TCP/IP, WiFi, Ethernet, PC, etc) besides cater to an audience most exclusive, Osiris mainly seeks the expansion of wireless systems, that enable intervention in housing built with minimal effort, it is for this reason that Osiris is open to many more customers by number, because they are more customers who already have their house builded, because we can, with much less work, install home automation systems.

Welcome to our company, if you have a housing development or a large automation project, in Osiris Zig will be happy to assist you.